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No cash? No problem. Daz & Lee from the Frugal Gaming website talk about the best video game deals in the UK. If you are looking for a podcast that is willing to push boundaries and give brutally honest opinions, then look no further.







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In this weeks show Daz and Lee talk about what they have been playing as well as all the usual random BS! This episode includes a particularly painful Frugal With The Truth and Daz also gets wound up about in app purchases in his rant of the week.

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After nearly a year away from the microphone, Daz and Lee return to discuss what they've been up to since the last show. Frugal With The Truth returns with more hilarious stories from our messed up lives, plus all the usual banter and gaming waffle.

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After a long break from recording a show, the chaps from Frugal Gaming return with another feature packed episode. This could be the last show for a while, so make the most of it!

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This week we talk about a wide range of games, plus chuck in some news about the latest Xbox One price drop. Rant of the week and Frugal With The Truth returns once again to entertain our adoring public.

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Episode 18 - The Greatest Hits

This week we take a break from the usual format to bring you a Greatest Hits show. We have compiled every Frugal With The Truth we've ever recorded and crammed them in to one feature length episode for your listening pleasure.

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Daz and Lee return for a record seventeenth show, shaking off the dreaded curse of the sixteenth show. This week we talk about what we've been playing as well as bringing you the latest gaming news. Frugal With The Truth also makes a surprise return, with another selection of filthy tales from Daz.

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After aborting the original show half way through due to Daz and Lee having an argument, the young studs regrouped a few days later to finish the recording and the show ends up all the better for it. This week we give tips on how to make the most of your money when buying video games and we also introduce a new game called Daz's Dirty Quiz.

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This week Daz and Lee are joined by special guest GB Joey, one of the former hosts of The Last Save Loaded podcast. On this episode we  interact with our Twitter followers and discuss several questions they have put forward. Joey discusses how expensive video games are in countries outside the UK and then we chat about our deals of the week.

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This week the boys return for the first show of 2014 and it's a bumper episode. Daz and Lee discuss everything from their favourite games of the last generation of consoles to the phenomenon known as the female masking movement. This episode sadly sees and end of the nations favourite game, with our last ever Frugal With the Truth.

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Daz and Lee return for the Christmas Special that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. This week we talk about video games more than usual, which is a surprise I know. We discuss what we’ve been playing as well as taking a look back at our favourite games of 2013. This episode may sound like it’s sponsored by Sony, but we promise it isn't!

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