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No cash? No problem. Daz & Lee from the Frugal Gaming website talk about the best video game deals in the UK. If you are looking for a podcast that is willing to push boundaries and give brutally honest opinions, then look no further.







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Daz and Lee return for the Christmas Special that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. This week we talk about video games more than usual, which is a surprise I know. We discuss what we’ve been playing as well as taking a look back at our favourite games of 2013. This episode may sound like it’s sponsored by Sony, but we promise it isn't!

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After numerous delays and catastrophes the Ant and Dec of the podcasting world return. This week we discuss how Daz is bored of video games, whilst Lee try's to convince him to buy in to the new generation of consoles. In Rant of the Week Lee whines about poor service from his ex-favourite retailer, whilst Daz berates a certain insurance company. Don't worry, there's also some Frugal With The Truth thrown in for good measure

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This week Daz and Lee return to host their most serious podcast yet on the subject of mental illness and video games. Both hosts bare their souls as they share their stories of how mental illness has effected them and what part video games have played. We also have a special guest, the legendary Richie M off of Twitter who also gives a brutally honest account of the issues he has had. Don't worry, Frugal With The Truth returns to lighten the mood with more tales of disbelief.

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This week Daz and Lee return to discuss all the latest gaming news from the Gamescom Expo. Lee shares all the details of his crazy neighbour court case, whilst Daz shares some sexy secrets for this weeks Frugal With The Truth. We also introduce a new section called Fu**ed Up News where we discuss messed up news stories from around the world.

We also announce the winner of our Luigi's Mansion competition at the end of the show.

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This week Daz and Lee are joined by their first ever guest in this Indie game special. We discuss everything that we love and hate about indie games as well as the misunderstood little creatures that create them. Rant of the Week and Frugal With The Truth return to earn the iTunes Explicit tag, even though Lee tried his hardest to tone down his stories.

We are also giving away a copy of Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 3DS on this show

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Daz and Lee return for their darkest podcast yet. Nothing in this episode is out of bounds, especially when it comes to this weeks Frugal With The Truth. Daz also has to eat Nintendo flavoured humble pie whereas Lee has some bad news regarding the Wii U. Usual features like Rant of the Week return enabling the young studs to let off some steam.

We are also giving away a copy of Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 3DS on this show

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Daz and Lee return after a 5 week break and this time it's a handheld special, allegedly. We discuss our handheld gaming history and what games we have loved over the years. As usual we have another foul edition of Frugal With The Truth as well as a few rants and some x-rated banter.

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Daz and Lee return for episode six of the Frugal Gaming podcast with lots to talk about. This show see's the return of the foul mouthed guessing game "Frugal With The Truth" as well as the Bargain Bin and Deal of the Week features . Strong Language and adult humour from the very start!

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This week Daz and Lee return to discuss all the latest news and gossip from the E3 conference. On this show we introduce a new game that lets you get to know the hosts by sharing some our most intimate, embarrassing stories. This episode sees a very grumpy Daz, who needs to let off some steam after finding out the launch price of the Xbox One as well as having to deal with internet trolls. Strong Language and adult humour from the very start!

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This week the young stunners Daz and Nory return to talk pish on an unimaginable scale. We cover everything from social club bingo to the struggle of little people in the world of entertainment. As usual we talk about our deals of the week and also the bargain bin section where we discuss the great games we have picked up for under a tenner. We also have our weekly rant where we discuss the recent service Daz received after placing multiple orders. As usual strong language and humour of an adult nature from the very start.

We also announce the winners of the competition that we have been running on the previous 3 shows. Make sure you pay attention at the end of the show to see if you were one of the lucky winners.

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